Monday, February 1, 2010

Meeting Minues - October 2009

Willowbrook Homeowners Association

October 13, 2009

**Please refer to the Minutes & Documentation section of this site to download the full minutes, including the referenced attachments.**

In attendance:

Chris Childers
Mark Spinner
Pete Barry
Jeff Rampon
Jay Reinhardt
Gretchen Luongo

Approval of September meeting minutes

Motion was moved by Jay Reinhardt, seconded by Jeff Rampon and approved by all to approve September minutes and post meeting minutes on the Willowbrook website.

Financial Update (Jeff Rampon,)

• This year there has been approximately $21K in expenses. So far, approximately $23K in assessments have been collected which should put us up about $5K at the end of the year.
• April agenda – discuss plan to finance fence replacement.
o Consider additional costs required to correct any damage to landscaping that occurs during fence replacement.
o Consider alternative of replacing wood fence section by section to spread the cost out.

Architecture Committee Report (Jay Reinhardt):

• Damage to Willowbrook Entrance: Statefarm Insurance has completely reimbursed cost of contract work. Southpaw (contractor) is waiting for the brick to arrive from Canada. In the meantime, Southpaw has torn down wall. Brick should arrive end of this week, next week wall will go up; following week letters will go up.

• Landscaping: North of Willowbrook Place, where Leslie was previously widened, there was landscaping damage incurred by electrical contractor--- after several visits from the contractor, and several failed attempt, and with the city’s help, the sod is being fixed.

South of Willowbrook Place, the sprinklers and the sod have been repaired. This issue was related to the work of an entirely different contractor. There is a 3 foot wide depression by green electrical box near Center, will watch for now.

• Looked into having two banners with website address printed to hang at the Willowbrook entrances when new information is posted – estimate for vinyl signs -$130 for 2 signs.
• There was concurrence that this is probably too much to pay for this purpose. Since there is no pressing need for the signs now, further discussion was deferred to a future meeting when the need again arises.

Re-Zoning Petition:

• Reviewed proposed petition for rezoning. Add wording that explains initial planning has changed – relocating the planned arterial so that there will no longer be an arterial to support high density housing. Chris Childers will email and board will vote by email to approve within the next couple of days.

• Point of Contact information will be added to the bottom of the petition.

• Aim to collect signatures prior to November 15th.

Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) (Pete Barry):
• Water is off, or soon to be off.
• To date, there has been no bill related to August outage. Pete Barry does not think there will be any bill for this under the current billing plan, but will contact KID to find out if there will be any additional costs.

Motion to adjourn

• Next meeting will be on at 7:30pm, Tuesday, November 17th at the home of Gretchen Luongo, 108 Bebb Court.