Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meeting Minutes - September 2009

Willowbrook Homeowners Association

**Please refer to the Minutes & Documentation section of this site to download the full minutes, including the referenced attachments.**

September 8, 2009

In attendance:

Chris Childers
Jay Reinhardt
Jeff Rampon
Phil Pinard
Gretchen Luongo
Mark Spinner

Approval of August meeting minutes

Motion was moved by Jay Reinhardt, seconded by Marc Spinner and approved by all to approve August minutes and post meeting minutes on the Willowbrook website.

Financial Update (Jeff Rampon, Phil Pinard)

• $35K MM, $3K Checking, $38K total balance.

• Request that residents mail their check to the Association in instead of taking them by hand.

• Majority of assessments have been received.

Architecture Committee Report (Jay Reinhardt)

• Willowbrook entrance damage:

The contractor (Southpaw Construction) has been on hold pending the insurance company photographing the site. As of yesterday, State Farm has the photographs they need and reviewing them. They should get back with Jay by the end of this week for final approval.

Once contractor orders brick, it will take at least two weeks to arrive (coming from Canada.) When the brick is in they will demolish wall and rebuild. Contractor said wall was not grouted to foundation at all, but will be grouted in new work.

Letter positioning will remain the same.

• Landscaping:

Common area from entrance north to meadow springs was damaged by electrical contractor. The land is settling behind the utility box because it wasn’t put back together properly. Incorrect sprinkler spacing made the problem worse. Heritage will correct the sprinklers spacing to 14 feet apart and fill in around the utility vault. They will also fix sod.

South of Leslie the sod died. Previous decision was made to wait until weather got cooler to replace the sod. Jay will meet with contractor tomorrow to walk the land and determine what needs to be fixed including damaged sprinklers, sink holes, dead sods, and some exposed irrigation pipe which will be covered with River Rock.

Re-Zoning Petition:

HOA received a request from a homeowner to find out if HOA is interested in being a co-sponsor for a petition to re-zone section of land that abuts Willowbrook, as it is currently zoned as hi density residential.

Phil Pinard motioned to co-sponsor petition to re-zone parcel of land abutting Willowbrook that is currently zoned as hi density. Jeff Rampon seconded, all approved.

HOA Board Members:

Jeff Rampon motioned to nominate Marc Spinner as Vice President of the Willowbrook Homeowners Association. Phil Pinard seconded, all approved.

Motion to adjourn

• Next meeting will be on at 7:30pm, Tuesday, October 13th at the home of Chris Childers, 217 Sitka Court.