Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update on Common Area Landscaping Along Leslie

The contractor responsible for repairing Willowbrook’s common area landscaping north of Willowbrook Place has finally completed their work to our satisfaction. They had done earlier substandard repair work after trenching through our lawn, and with the help of the city’s Electrical department they finally went back and corrected their repairs. The sod does not look very good now, but by next Spring it should look fine.

A different contractor is responsible for repairing the common area south of Willowbrook Place. That contractor has been waiting until the weather cools to lay sod to replace the dead sod. Now that the weather has cooled they should be completing their work by the end of September. They will be adding some sprinklers, filling in sink holes, adding decorative rock in several planting beds, and replacing all the dead sod along Leslie south of Willowbrook Place.