Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meeting Minutes - August 2009

Willowbrook Homeowners Association

**Please refer to the Minutes & Documentation section of this site to download the full minutes, including the referenced attachments.**

August 19, 2009

In attendance:
Phil Pinard
Pete Berry
Jay Reinhardt
Gretchen Luongo
Linda Warren
Mark Spinner
Kristina Gee (Resident – 101 Willowbrook Place)

Approval of July meeting minutes

Motion was moved by Pete Berry, seconded by Jay Reinhart and approved by all, to approve July minutes and post meeting minutes on the Willowbrook website.

Financial Update (Phil Pinard)

• 101 assessments collected this year to date. 6 of 40 outstanding from last year have been collected.

• Spent more last year than we took in. (Financial Statement - attachment 1) Need to determine if we will collect a special assessment for the wall or if we will raise assessments as a whole next year. Plan to discuss further next month.

Architecture Committee Report (Jay Reinhardt)

Willowbrook entrance damage:
Received multiple bids to repair the damage done to the Willowbrook entrance (attachment 2). Bids are to replace the Willowbrook brass letters and repair the wall. Jay Reinhardt proposed the WCA pay an additional $130 to move electrical outlet as an add-on to the damage repair. Two options were presented for replacing the letters – brass versus synthetic. Samples of each material were brought to the meeting for board review and decision.

Jay Reinhardt proposed the board accept Bid#2 Southpaw Construction with the brass lettering option for $4,295 and that the WCA will fund an additional $130 to move the outlet behind the bush. Phil Pinard seconded the motion - all approved.

Architectural Control Committee Overview: The committee is made up of three members, Jay Reinhardt, Jeff Rampon, and Mark Manthei. Purpose of the committee is to enforce the building codes for every structure in the neighborhood (fences, residences, etc.) Jay Reinhardt provided board members with a copy of the Request Review Process (attachment 3).

Landscaping: North of Willowbrook Place the City of Richland will be replacing the dying sod as well as repairing the irrigation. South of Willowbrook Place, the contractor will be replacing the sod when the temperatures come down.

Fence Replacement: July 16th email update to board (attachment 4). Requested that this email be included in the August WCA Board meeting minutes for future reference.

KID Update (Pete Berry)

• In early August, a 50 year old irrigation pipe broke and caused flooding onto a residents property. KID repaired the pipe but in the process caused a temporary water outage to the neighborhood. The problem was fixed relatively quickly. Note of thanks will be sent to KID after the next board meeting.

Amon Basin Update (Linda Warren)

• Tapteal Greenway Association (TGA) is looking for grants in order to buy another 150 acres. Challenge will be to convince the City of Richland that they need more park land due to the loss of tax value.

• The Amon Basin Group is looking for children interested in participating in a monthly educational program that would include field science topics.

Motion to adjourn

• Next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 8th, at the home of the Phil Pinard, 118 Willowbrook Place at 7:00 pm.