Monday, August 31, 2009

Meeting Minutes - July 2009

Willowbrook Homeowners Association

July 14, 2009

In attendance:

Christopher Childers
Phil Pinard
Jay Reinhardt
Marc Spinner
Gretchen Luongo

Approval of June meeting minutes

Motion was moved by Chris Childers, and approved by all, to post meeting minutes on the Willowbrook website.

HOA Board position descriptions

· It was agreed that descriptions and duties for each of the Willowbrook HOA Board positions should be defined, reviewed and recorded for future reference. Once defined, board position descriptions will be posted on the Willowbrook website.

· Each board member will write up a description of duties for their respective board position and send to board members for review and comment prior to next meeting.

Assessment Update (Phil Pinard)

· Assessment letters have been issued. To date, 43 payments have been received – approximately 25%. Additionally, three payments from last year have been received.

· The property owners list has been updated as of July.

· Covenant reminders were not included in assessment letter but will be sent out separately.

Architecture Committee Report (Jay Reinhardt)

· Willowbrook entrance damage: The brick wall at the Willowbrook Place entrance was damaged after a young Willowbrook resident drove into it at speed when attempting to turn into the neighborhood. State Farm insurance has asked the HOA to provide two competitive bids for repair. Jay Reinhardt has contacted two masonry companies. The scope of work must include demolition, removal and rebuilding of the wall as well as replacing or repairing the sign. Jay will also contact an additional contractor to look at electrical repairs.

· Landscaping: Landscaping has not been restored on the north side of Willowbrook Avenue. Jay will contact the city of Richland about getting this taken care of promptly. Jay will contact contractor regarding dead grass on south side of Willowbrook entrance for replacement.

· Fence Replacement: Received Southpaw Masonry bid for Willowbrook fence replacement good for 30 days (8/7/2009). This bid is approximately $85K and includes tearing down and disposing of existing fence along Leslie Road (approx 2000 linear ft) and replacing with a 4” CMU block fence wall 6’ height.

Discussion: Should the fence be replaced now or later?

o We have an opportunity to save money on the fence replacement by acting now.

o Should the fence be left as is and ‘spot’ repair as necessary until such time that it be replaced (3-5 years)?

o Is it feasible to approach project in phases? (i.e. Purchase the materials now, then contract the remaining work when the HOA has saved the remaining money.)

Determined further actions should be taken:

o Obtain a new quote to include replacing the entire wood fence with masonry. (Jay Reinhardt)

o Obtain a quote to replace the sections of wood fence not directly against Leslie Road with a new wood fence. (Jay Reinhardt)

o Re-check prior quote received for scope of work. (Jay Reinhardt)

o Investigate the cost savings of homeowner volunteers knocking down and disposing of the fence. (Phil Pinard)

Covenenant Violations

· Flat tire car on Piper has been moved.

· Suburban on Piper has been moved.

· Contact Dusky Court on landscaping issue. (Christopher Childers)

· Contact home on Willowbrook regarding landscaping completion. (Jay Reinhardt)

Motion to adjourn

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 19th at the home of the Jay Reinhardt, 202 Rocky Mountain Court at 7:00 pm.