Monday, February 1, 2010

Meeting Minutes - November 2009

Willowbrook Homeowners Association

November 17, 2009

**Please refer to the Minutes & Documentation section of this site to download the full minutes, including the referenced attachments.**

In attendance:

Mark Spinner
Phil Pinard
Pete Berry
Jay Reinhardt
Brenda Birnbaum
Gretchen Luongo

Approval of October meeting minutes

Motion was moved by Jay , seconded by Phil and approved by all to approve October minutes and post meeting minutes on the Willowbrook website.

Financial Update

• First round of late notices have gone out, we are up to 177 received. Phil is making contact with those outstanding.
• There are 30 assessments that are outstanding for the second year in a row.

Architecture Committee Report (Jay Reinhardt):

• Damage to Willowbrook Entrance: Job is complete. Jay will contact masonry and see if we can get the old letters back. The new sign is flush against the wall, the same as the other entrance.

• Landscaping: Fall trimming and clean up has been done. Jay will confirm that the sprinkler blow out has been done. Discussed removing grass and changing to a more desert friendly (zero-scaping) landscaping. No decision made. Also discussed adding more plants to empty places along the Leslie wall.

Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) (Pete Berry):

• Pete Berry will attempt to find out what annual bill will be.

Leslie Fence Replacement:

Discussed various methods to finance the wall replacement such as getting a loan, special assessments, and or raising dues.

The expected life of the current fence is about 5 years. WHOA previously determined it would be best to save money over the next 5 years to raise the money for the fence. Numbers need to be run to to determine exactly how much is needed.

Question raised: Could we talk to the city to see if they would take on some of the financial burden of the fence due to the sound?

Covenant Violations:

• No new violations requiring attention at this time.

Motion to adjourn Jay all second.

Next meeting will be on at 7:30pm, Tuesday, January 12th at the home of Jay Reinhardt at the home of the Jay Reinhardt, 202 Rocky Mountain Court at 7:00 pm. There will be no December meeting.