Monday, February 1, 2010

Meeting Minutes - January 2010

Willowbrook Community Association
Board meeting Minutes
January 12, 2010

**Please refer to the Minutes & Documentation section of this site to download the full minutes, including the referenced attachments.**

In Attendance:
Christopher Childers
Brenda Birnbaum
Phil Pinard
Pete Berry
Mark Spinner
Jeff Rampon
Jay Reinhardt

Bonnie Mitchell, Visitor


• Meeting called to order by Christopher.
• November Board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
• Linda Warren via e-mail has resigned from the board.
• Bonnie Mitchell introduced herself.
• There was a Motion by Pete and a Second by Brenda to select Bonnie Mitchell to fill the vacant Board Position. The Motion passed.

Financial Report:

• Jeff reported on the association finances, there is $40,935.24 in our account as of 1-12-10.
• There are 17 homeowners that have not paid the 2009-2010 assessment.
Architectural Report:
• Jay representing the Architectural Committee reported on their efforts on plan reviews of new homes and compliance.
• Jay will request an updated quote from contractors for the wall construction by the February meeting so that the information may be circulated to the homeowners prior to the annual meeting in May.
• Pete has salvaged the Willowbrook letters and will take them to a salvage yard/recycler and get the best price for the material and the money will be placed in the Association’s account.

Covenant Violations:• The Board approved hiring a lawyer to begin legal action to enforce the neighborhood’s architectural covenants in a case that has reached an impasse. Assuming the homeowners association wins the case, it is likely that the association’s legal fees to defend the covenants can be recovered from the homeowner who is prompting the action. Were the Board to take no action, the neighborhood might lose its ability to enforce its own covenants.
• Phil will sent out a letter to all homeowners remind us of the neighborhood covenants and city regulations regarding on-street parking.
• Christopher will check on the boat storage occurring on Silverleaf Ct.
Next meeting:

• February 9th 7:30 at Brenda’s. 109 Center Blvd.