Friday, May 28, 2010

Now that the Revised Covenants are Approved, What Happens Next?

The new Covenants will go into effect when they are officially recorded with the county, along with the notarized signatures that approved the Covenants. We expect that to occur in mid-June.

Prior to being recorded with the county, the President and Secretary of the Homeowners Association must sign before a notary that the necessary quantity of approval signatures was achieved. This will occur at the next Homeowners board meeting, which will be at 7:30 PM, June 8, at 217 Sitka Court. Homeowners are welcome to attend this meeting.

Once the new Covenants are officially recorded, we will deliver a copy to each lot owner. In the meantime you can download a copy of the Covenants showing the revisions.

Link to proposed new Covenants, showing changes from current Covenants

If you have trouble accessing the documents online, please email to request an emailed copy!

What will change when the new Covenants go into effect? Practically speaking, not much. The intent of the new Covenants was to restore the arrangements that, until recently, everyone had assumed were already in place.

By the way, as we were gathering signatures, we heard concern from homeowners who have not seen the Covenants enforced with the rigor they expect of their neighborhood. This message is being relayed to the Homeowners Board for action.
If you have further questions, contact Jay Reinhardt of the Covenants Revision Committee at 627-3690.