Friday, May 28, 2010

Revised Covenants Approved!

Congratulations, Willowbrook! You fixed your Covenants.

Approving the revised Covenants required notarized signatures from the owners of 75% of the lots in Willowbrook. To date we have received notarized signatures for 77% (166 of 214) of Willowbrook lots, and we expect this to go higher as builders who own vacant lots in the neighborhood turn in signatures for their property. '

Since the main problem with the old Covenants was its division of the neighborhood into two unequal parts, it was important to achieve approval from both parts of the neighborhood to remove the division.

In other words, it was important that homeowners in both parts of the neighborhood agree that removing the division and giving everyone equal rights and responsibilities was in the best interests of all homeowners, no matter which part of the neighborhood they lived in.

So we are pleased to report that the Covenants were approved by an overwhelming majority of homeowners in each part of the neighborhood.

For example, approval among the homeowners in the new section of Willowbrook was 78%. 26 of the 33 homeowners in the new section signed the revised Covenants. Six said no, and one we could not reach. (Note that this ratio does not include owners of the 11 vacant lots/tracts in the new section – we are still in the process of collecting signatures from them.)

The old Covenants had divided the neighborhood into a Division A (the “old” section) and a Division B (the “new” section). Click here to see a map of the division. The tallies by Division are shown below. Note that we have not yet collected signatures from the owners of vacant lots, and did not try to collect signatures from the non-resident owners of rental homes. So these quantities currently count against approval. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with our drive-up campaigns, and the eight teams who went door to door in their own areas of the neighborhood. Special thanks are due our two tireless notaries, without whom this would have been an expensive effort.

The Statistics:

We thank everyone in the neighborhood, whether they decided to sign or not, for taking the time to make a decision.

Congratulations, Willowbrook!