Sunday, April 23, 2017

Irrigation and KID


For information:  The Kennewick Irrigation District web site ( indicates that Willowbrook is currently experiencing an outage due to a failed pump that is being repaired.  The estimated date of irrigation water availability is April 25-30.

The web site is not the easiest web site to use. But if you have patience and persistence and want to check on the status yourself, go to the KID web page, click on Water Status/Outage Map, then follow the directions in the white pop-up box.  You will need to scroll down in the white box to see all the directions.  You will need to:
·         Select your address in the list of addresses that pop up under the search bar.
·         Click on the red area somewhere around where the arrow is pointing from the white box.  Hopefully you will see a white box titled “WATER On Date”.  To see the rest of the information click on the right arrow (triangle) in the gray bar to see the second part of the information.
·         Try clicking on different areas – I got different pop-up boxes when I clicked on different areas. You have to click on a piece of property (and not a culdesac or street) to get useful information.  The difficulty is that there are no lines to show property boundaries.  That’s where the patience and persistence comes in. J