Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meeting Minutes - March2010

Willowbrook Community Association
Board meeting Minutes
March 9, 2010

Association Members Present:
• Carol Moser
• Chad Mitchell

Board Members Present:
• Christopher Childers
• Jay Reinhardt
• Gretchen Luongo
• Jeff Rampon
• Brenda Birnbaum
• Mark Spinner
• Bonnie Mitchell

Review of Last Month’s minutes:

• Last month (February) not enough members were present for a quorum; therefore, there are no official minutes to approve.

Zoning Petition Update (Chad Mitchell):
• Petition has been submitted to the City of Richland, Chad also has additional signatures that have not yet been submitted.
• There appears to be positive support within the Willowbrook community, however the concern is that unless there is enough push no action will be taken by the City.
• Looking for HOA support and strategy ideas to move forward. HOA reiterated their support of this initiative and discussed strategy ideas.
• Discussed the necessity of being specific about what outcome we are asking to come from this re-zoning request. It was suggested that the request be made to add the re-zoning request to the list of comp plan amendments for this year – specifically to re-zone the land comparable to what we currently have in Willowbrook (lo-density housing).
• Chad will continue to work the issue and will talk to the city about the best way to proceed and get this issue to a decision by either the Planning Board or the Council. Chad will get back to the board on his progress.
• Tentatively plan to use the May 18th City Hall Meeting to show neighborhood support and possibly request a public hearing.
• HOA is willing to use the Blog to update homeowners as information becomes available.
Financial Update (Jeff Rampon)
• Account balance of $39,739.54 at the end of February. (Financial statement attached.)

Assessment Collection (Phil Pinard)
• 16 homeowners are currently outstanding – five are outstanding for the current assessments only and the remaining eleven are multi-year. Next step will be to process property liens on outstanding if payment is not received after final deadline. Interest will be added to outstanding assessment dues.
• Mark Spinner made a motion to post names of the homeowners who are delinquent on their assessments on the website. Jeff Rampon seconded the motion. The motion did not pass.
• Jay Reinhardt made a motion to file a lien on any homeowner who has not paid their assessments by the last deadline given (approximately 1 week from today.) Phil Pinard seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.
Covenant Modifications
• Discussed the need to possibly update the Willowbrook covenants – 75% of homeowners will need to sign a notarized document to approve a change.
• Carol Moser was present to recap how the covenants were originally put in place. The driving factor in setting up the covenants in the first place was to get pressurized irrigation for the neighborhood and to create a vehicle to maintain the common areas such as the landscaping at the entrances to the neighborhood. 75% of homeowners had to sign a notarized document to get the covenants in place. It was a massive undertaking requiring door-to-door and having a notary available during certain hours at her home when people could come by and sign.
• Suggestion was made that we present a straw-man of the proposed new covenant at the Annual homeowner’s meeting in May to generate buy in – then go door-to-door in the spring and summer to obtain the required signatures.
• Need to verify that notoratized signatures are required for an amendment.
• Jay Reinhardt will lead a working group to draft changes to the covenants and determine a strategy plan for getting the updates approved by the homeowners. Working group will meet prior to the next monthly HOA meeting April 13 and will report back to the board for action at that time.
Executive Session of the Board
• Board members participated in an executive session subject to attorney client privilege. Due to the confidential nature of the session, minutes for this session will be kept separately and not published.
• A get-well card will be sent to Carl Higby on behalf of the HOA. Gretchen will take care of this.
• Newsletter and welcoming committee will be agenda items for next months meeting.
• The next meeting will take place April 13th at 7:30 pm at the home of Gretchen Luongo, 108 Bebb Court.
• Motion was made by Bonnie Mitchell to adjourn, Chris Childers seconded the motion. All approved.